I’m a bibliophile hoarder.  I can’t imagine parting myself from books.  I think I could cover all the walls of the house with shelves for my book collection.  I have boxes crammed with them.  I have nooks crammed with them.  I have stacks.  I have stashed and stowed.  Now I am ready (I think!) to whittle.  This page is dedicated to my efforts.  It will note the books I am keeping (big challenge) and the books I am ejecting.  Maybe I will note who gets them.  Maybe I will note my thoughts about the book and/or my emotions of “my precious” leaving the stately confines of Black manor.

Books I am Keeping:
1. The Third Alternative: Christian Self-Government by: Bill Burtness
2. Family Shepherds, by: Voddie Baucham Jr.
3. Follow Me, by: David Platt


Books I am suggesting to others and giving them away:
1. The God who is There, by: D.A. Carson


Books I am suggesting unfit to read:


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