A Strategy on How to move

Draft that I’m working on: any thoughts or ideas will be helpful

Holy God
Sinful man
GOSPEL delivered by grace
a heart-changed ambassador

Mission Fields that consist of:
Self – Family – Church – Community – State/Nation – World
Preach the GOSPEL to each of these (everyone – not just pastors)
Become an informed ambassador
PRAY! Read the Word. PRAY! Memorize the Word. PRAY!
PRAY! Lead family. PRAY! Exhort and involve. PRAY!
PRAY! Fellowship and invest. PRAY! Lead ministry. PRAY!
PRAY! Take the GOSPEL out. PRAY! Share/Give/invest. PRAY!
PRAY! Model, visit, learn. PRAY! Cooperate, share, help. PRAY!
PRAY! Go. PRAY! Send. PRAY! Invest. PRAY!