Remind me this

So every time the Bible demands you to do something do not think, “I must do this to take away my guilt or to get forgiveness or to get a right standing with God.” (legalism) Rather think, “I will do this because my guilt is already removed, I am already forgiven, I already have the gift of God’s righteousness, and so I know that God is for me and will help me. So I will trust him and obey him and display by my radical, risk-taking obedience the glory of God’s grace. And I will draw nearer and nearer to him in the fellowship of his sufferings and the joy of his companionship. (Christian life) – John Piper from “How does the Gospel save sinners? – part 3” sermon given on Aug 23, 1998.

You need to be reminded of this every day.  I need to be reminded every day.  Not just when you are saved and are beginning your Christian life.

Sermon: How does the Gospel Save Sinners? – part 3
Sermon Text: Romans 1:16-17, Habakkuk 2:4