observations of the last twenty four hours

3:45pm – 4:30pm: Many people wandering around.  Saw Fred and Albert and Amy.  Saw the bride and groom.  Jess was distressed about the cake sliding around on the board.  She fixed it.  She is an genius.  Took W & R to the van.  They played with toys and read books.  No wandering around in a fixed environment to cause trouble.

5:30pm – Arrived at the hotel.  No problems and we rushed around to get the kids ready for the evening.  Problem!  No pants.  Left them in the dryer back home.  Ugh!  I took off to Target.  Found some that will do.  Traveled back to the hotel.  Ironed pants.  Dressed.  Minimal impact of the side trip.  We left at 6:25pm.

6:40pm – Arrived at the church.  Walked around to the front of the building.  Saw the Todds.  Sat with the Balbuenas and Martha.  Good to see dear friends.  Waited and listened to beautiful music.

7:05pm – Wedding started.  Christ glorifying service.  Good reminders from Pastor C about marriage to all of us married.  Left the sanctuary to attend the celebration reception.

8:15pm – Chatted with Michael T, Tyrone L, Coty and Ed.  Very dear brothers to me.  Wedding party entered.  Beautiful dancing from young girls from Bhutan.  Delicious food.  R sleeps.  R is transferred to Martha.  R doesn’t budge.  She is out for the count.

9:30pm – Wedding cake is served.  Good compliments.  Jess helps and cuts the cake.  Transferred to the plates.  Toasts.  Skits.  Fun.

11:00pm – Depart for hotel.  Arrive.  Next door is loud.  Obnoxious.  What is new?  It is Charlotte afterall.  Loud noises continue through the night.  Little sleep.

7:45am – Awake.  Decide against Hampton free breakfast.  Settle for OPH.  Glad we did.

11:00am – Stops at Office Max for some org tools and Petsmart for W some fish.  He wants 3 neons.  We get 3 neons.

12:45pm – Home!  Relax.  What’s next?


People are BIG and I have made them that way

Regarding other people, our problem is that we need them (for ourselves) more than we love them (for the glory of God).

Edward T. Welch, “When people are big and God is small.”

I can honestly say that I have made people big, too big, in my life.  I needed approval.  I needed acceptance.  I needed to belong.  When those people have failed me, and often times they have time and time again, I have felt let down.  I have felt unapproved.  I have felt isolated.

Solution?  According to Welch: “The most radical treatment for the fear of man is the fear of the Lord.  God must be bigger to you than people are.

Let this be my first step into defeating this sin and putting it to a permanent sleep.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7 ESV

Quiet Time

Tonight we gather for a study to have a better quiet time.

I’ve always wondered the reason for calling it, “quiet time?”  Maybe another term, better suited I think, would be “alone time with God.”

Here you have the God of our Universe, the creator of everything in heaven and earth, the God who keeps things from just falling apart of earth, the God who raised me from the dead, and I am able to come to Him.

I, who need rest.

I, who need direction.

I, who need water and food.

Spiritual rest.  Spiritual direction.  Spiritual water and food.

I am thankful that I am able to come to Him.  I pray that I am able to continue to seek Him.